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Rea Manderino

Ecologist by training, entomologist at heart, I research the interactions of invasive and other non-native biota with native communities.

I practice the art of science communication on Facebook via the popular entomology page, Relax, I'm an Entomologist.


In a project spanning 32 sites across four states, I worked with Dr. Dylan Parry at SUNY - College of Environmental Science and Forestry to assess the impacts of the parasitoid fly, Compsilura concinnata, on native giant silk moth. This biocontrol agent was introduced in 1906 for spongy moth (Lymantria dispar) management and has been implicated in native moth population declines in New England.

Working with Kyle Haynes at the University of Virginia, I investigated the effects of past spongy moth defoliation and insecticide treatments on native forest moth diversity and abundance.


In Greg Dwyer's lab at the University of Chicago, I modeled gypsy moth mortality based on virulence in the gypsy moth nuclear polyhedrosis virus (LdNPV). 

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