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Journal Publications

Czarnecki, C., R. Manderino, and D. Parry. Reduced avian predation on UV fluorescing caterpillar models. The Canadian Entomologist. Accepted: May 2021.

Manderino, R.  2021. Student Life: Including Field Work on Public Land as Part of Your Research. American Entomologist. 67(2): 6.

Manderino, R. T. Crist, K. Haynes.  2014. Lepidoptera-specific insecticide used to suppress gypsy moth outbreaks may benefit non-target forest Lepidoptera.  Agricultural and Forest Entomology. 16: 359-368.   PDF

Wayland, H., R. Manderino, T. O. Crist, and K. J. Haynes. 2015. Microbial pesticide application during defoliator outbreaks may reduce loss of regional forest beetle richness. Ecosphere 6: 93.     

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"The wings of the moths catch the sunlight
and burn
so brightly"

~Mary Oliver~

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