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Presently on the job market, I am searching for a postdoc position in academia, government, or the non-profit sector to continue my research ambitions.  In between applications, I am writing manuscripts, working with collaborators, and occasionally indulging in a project in the home or garden.  I regularly contribute to the popular entomology Facebook page, Relax. I'm an Entomologist.



2015 - 2021

State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry

PhD: Environmental Biology - Entomology

2010 - 2013

University of Virginia

MS: Environmental Science - Ecology

2005 - 2009

University of Chicago

AB: Biology - Ecology

Community Ecology

What determines the composition of insect species across space?  How do different systems in the landscape affect dispersal?

Parasitoid Ecology

To what extent tri-trophic interactions affect parasitoid populations?  How does parasitism change across a landscape?

Invasive Species Interactions

How does an ecosystem change with the introduction of novel species?

Science Communication and Culture

How does perception of non-human life change how we interact with it?  How do we judge truth and fact in the age of the Internet?

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